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» Why the Most Afflicted Industry In Healthcare Can Self-heal & Begin to Eradicate Divorce, Suicide, Loneliness and Depression.

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Heroes Calling Leadership Training

Our Mission To Eradicate Divorce Depression Sedation & Suicide

What is more challenging than graduating dental school, having a successful practice, marriage and children but still having the feeling that you’re not enough. Living in a prestigious neighborhood, driving expensive sport cars doesn't cut it when you're not emotionally fulfilled & don't know why.
Take your personal and professional life to the next level and acquire exactly what's needed. If you know something needs to change then this training is for you.

Who is this for?

Dentists & Dental Practice Owners in the dental field who are currently in business. It's for dentists who currently offer one or more specialized products, cosmetic dentistry, implants, Invisalign, sleep apnea, et cetera. And it's for those practice owners who own one or more offices and maybe consider open up more locations. This training is for dentists who are ready to take responsibility and invest in themselves.

Who Is This NOT For?

Those who are waiting for something to happen to them and are not willing or take the responsibility to make something happen. Those who complain more than they are willing to commit. Dentists who not good at what they do or believe that they can't add value to their patients' lives or even know their own self worth. This is not for them.

What Makes Dental Syndicate So Different?

We reveal how when we talk about the four domains of a person & how we can truly begin to unlock one's true potential.

FAITH:  Faith is not a religious position, it is about your spiritual connection revealing your purpose.  Do you believe you have a purpose? Is your purpose big enough for others to join?

FITNESS:  We are not talking about Dr Jeff Buske's wash board abs. Your Fitness is your self love and self care revealed through your functional fitness and nutrition intake. Will your body support you to achieve your dreams?

FAMILY:  Our definition of Family transcends the traditional definition of your biological family.  Family for us are all the relationships you give your time to. Yes, your team counts. Heck, you spend 8-10hrs a day with them.  

FINANCES:  Financials are empty without connecting to the other three dimensions.
We see your Finances as a vehicle for your purpose. So the bigger your vision is, the more you need from your Finances!

Melissa didn’t know if she could fit in or belong when she first joined. But after she went through the program Melissa not only found a new family, but has truly found herself, loves herself, sees beauty in everything she does AND IS ON FIRE!

– Melissa

Faith had doubts about being able to change herself and benefit from the training at the start. The moment when Faith realised that she underestimated her own abilities and that she was able to fully engage – that was when she was able to transcend to her next level of growth.

– Faith

"If I can tap into whatever is keeping from achieving all my goals or holding me back – then why wouldn't I put in the effort and time to come to something like this to help myself."

– Jill

The Team Working With You

Get to know Your Mentors

DR. JEFF BUSKE – Founder & Lead Mentor

Dr. Jeff Buske is a highly skilled cosmetic and implant dentist. He has completed thousands of hours of C.E. and continues to stay abreast of the most current dental technology and techniques.


Sabastian Huynh knew exactly what is at stake if he neglected to bring financial results to his “family business”—another moment to live. You talk about business competition; his competition was literally out to kill him.

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Revenue Inside Your Dental Practice Over the Next 12 Months.

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